History and prospects

"EFTEK" LLC was founded in February 2011
The company is focused on the development and introduction of innovativeproducts based on nonwoven

nanofibrous materials.

During 2011-13 the company has developed the materials for:

  • filtration and adsorptive purification of fumes and aerosols;
  • adsorption of oil and petroleum products from the surface of water;
  • separators of electrochemical devices;
  • materials for the purification of fuels from solid and liquid impurities.


In 2013-14 R&D completed and pilot production installed for:

  • material for wound dressings from chitosan nanofibers

Despite its youth the company has earned recognition at the city level. One of the projects has been supported by the Government of Moscow - in 2011 we received a subsidy within a targeted program to support small and medium-sized businesses in the city of Moscow in 2010-2012 on the "Organization of pilot production of nanofibrous sorbents for oil and petroleum products."