EFTEK LLC develops and produces prototypes of nonwoven materials from synthetic, organometallic, and biopolymeric nano-and submicron fibers with an average diameter of 50 nm to 1 micron. The materials have a density in the range 0.05-20 g/m2 and porosity of 50 to 99.9999%.

Materials are produced by free surface electrospinning on different substrates: spunbond, spunlace, paper, film, foil in the form of sheets with a size 200x200 cm2, or rolls of a width of 100 to 1500 mm.
The surface of the fibers can be activated, hydrophilized/hydrophobized by plasmochemical treatment or covered by functional material with the required hydrophilicity, electrical, biological, or catalytic activity.

EFTEK LLC has developed nonwoven polymeric materials with specific morphology of the fibers – this significantly increases the degree of filtration of the following fluids:

  • aerosols and fumes
  • suspensions and emulsions (water/hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons/water, blood, diesel, etc.)

We have developed adsorptive materials for collecting oil from the surface waters, soil and ice.

Promising developments
EFTEK LLC develops separator membranes and nanostructured electrodes for supercapacitors and lithium-ion battaries, as well as a new generation of filter materials for nanofiltration liquids, characterized by high efficiency and flow rate, long life, compactness, and low consumption of materials.