«EFTEK» LLC develops the technology of conductive nanofibers on conducting substrates - copper, aluminum or graphite foil and of combined electrode materials for supercapacitors, electric double layer and the lithium-ion power supplies. 

The advantage of the materials under development is the combination of high energy density of the electrochemical device with high specific power.





The scheme of applying the granules of electrode material (with the optimum size) on the current lead: 

     a) a single layer («high power» - to provide more power - for example, hybrid cars); 

     b) several layers with electron-conducting additive («high energy» - to achieve high capacity - for example, for electric cars); 

     c) several layers with electron-conducting nanofibers («high power and high energy»)



(Design of the picture borrowed from http://www.liotech.ru/chemicalcurrentsources)