Blood filters

Leucodepletion and microfiltration of blood are of great importance for the safety of blood transfusions. The use of special filters significantly reduces the number of complications after blood transfusions - first of all of thrombosis and infectious disease disseminations


«EFTEK» LLC materials are aimed at the fine ourification of blood and its components. We have developed two types of metarials:
  1. for leucodepletion
  2. for microfiltration
Materials for leucodepletion provide:
  • removal of > 99,99% leucocytes with the postfiltration number of < 3х105 , 15 mins - leucodepletion time for the blood dose
  • in 500 ml of blood or 250 ml of packed red blood cells with hematocrit of <70%  the residual volume of blood on a filter < 7 cm3

Materials for microfiltration provide:

  • removal of > 99,99% blood microclots, fat globules, dels of a size  > 10 micrones
  • filtration speed> 50 cm3/min.
Новые нановолокнистые материалы по техническим характеристикам превосходят известные сегодня российские аналоги.

«EFTEK» LLC materials:

  • are nontoxic 
  • are apyrogenic
  • do not affect the blood components. Hemolysis percent does not exceed 0.02%
  • are stable under conditions of heat and radiation sterilization.